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Advocating for Clean energy worker


For many years, Hailstone has been a pioneer in developing the most effective, impactful communications strategies and tactics to promote clean energy, combat climate change and protect the environment. We are all-in to greatly accelerate the transition to a 100% clean energy economy. 


From mobilizing thousands of participants in Climate Marches, to placing op-eds in national outlets, to spearheading thought leadership on messaging, we continue to be at the forefront of the field. We strongly believe in avoiding the pitfalls of the failed climate communications of the past. Instead, we focus on appealing to the direct interests and values of working people—in both rural and urban communities—to create the raw political power and will for fundamental policy change. Our core messaging focuses on:


  • Creating millions of good jobs.

  • Producing more affordable power.

  • Promoting national security. 

  • Protecting healthy families with clean air and water.

  • Expanding the freedom of individuals and communities to produce their own energy.


Just as important as messaging is utilizing credible messengers, especially clean energy workers themselves, and emphasizing concrete solutions over dystopian hopelessness. We are confident, optimistic and fired up to continue our work as a leading partner in achieving a clean energy future.



Hailstone is a preeminent thought leader for effective clean energy and climate messaging. Our highly successful approach appeals to the basic moral values of the majority of working Americans by focusing on building a clean energy economy that will expand the middle class. We not only support our clients by creating powerful PR strategies that win campaigns, but we also have a mission to widely disseminate communications best practices. As part of that mission, we recently published the above opinion pieces in top news outlets.

Let's talk about how we can support your success and help you achieve your highest goals: CONTACT US.


Promoting Stanford clean energy storage study

Stanford engineering professor Mark Z. Jacobson is one of the leading thinkers and advocates for the transition to a clean energy economy. Hailstone promoted his recent study showing that the transition can be both cheap and reliable through a combination of battery and hydrogen storage. Our PR campaign generated widespread attention for the study, including:


Mark Ruffalo shared our press release on X, creating tremendous buzz.


And industry media took notice:

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