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Hailstone is the nation’s leading public relations and communications agency for social change. We are passionately driven by a mission to utilize the most powerful, cutting-edge strategies to help our clients reach their highest goals in the areas of clean energy, climate, labor, civil rights, healthcare and more. 


With our decades of experience, we have helped clients across the country achieve hundreds of victories through a proven approach. First, we seek to clearly and deeply understand our clients’ needs and objectives. Then, using impactful messaging, tools and tactics, we work alongside and empower our clients to accomplish concrete results. 


We are a full-service agency and offer the broadest range of communications:

Hailstone Communications PR firm helping clients on laptop



Press outreach and media strategies—including press releases, pitching, events, op-eds and letters to the editor—to garner maximum public attention

Hailstone Communications Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies, content production and advertising


Video production from start to finish, including script writing, planning, coordination, shooting, interviewing, editing and distribution


Advertising and marketing in every medium, including radio, print, TV, online, transit and billboards—from strategy, content and design to ad placement


Mail, literature and flyers, including content creation, design and distribution


Email and text messaging campaigns

Hailstone Communications WebsiteDesign

Website design, content production and promotion


Signage and promotional materials including banners, rally signs, picket signs, t-shirts, hats, buttons, bumper stickers and more

Hailstone Communications progressive PR firm offers speech writing and spokesperson training

Speech writing and spokesperson training




Strategic advising, organizational branding and communications planning

Hailstone Communications PR firm offers mobilization for actions and event planning

Mobilization for actions and event planning


Support materials such as talking points, white papers and fact sheets

Hailstone Communications PR firm assists with political comms, organizing and campaigning

Political communications, organizing and campaigning



We have an extremely effective and successful approach which has been honed over decades of experience:

1 Understand Client's Goals


First, we seek to clearly and deeply understand our client’s needs, challenges, stakeholders and strategic goals. This is accomplished through a series of discussions, asking questions, active listening, background reading and research.

2 Identify Key Audiences


Once we fully grasp our client’s needs and goals, we seek to identify and understand the key audiences in every campaign.

3 Develop a Communications Plan


Then we develop a comprehensive communications plan which we present to our client for feedback. The plan includes overall strategy, messaging, tactics, timeline and a budget.

4 Build a Powerful Main Message


After the plan is approved, we move forward with polling (if needed), further research, and building out powerful messaging which speaks to our key audiences’ core values. We believe strongly that effective messaging must speak not just to audiences’ “self-interests,” but also to their deepest values and sense of identity.

5 Tell Compelling Stories


Then we proceed to deliver our messaging through telling the compelling, personal and emotionally powerful stories of credible messengers in the most impactful mediums. For all of human history, people have used stories to convey knowledge and pass down truths, and we believe this is the best way to affect change. It is important that the messengers telling these stories are trusted by our key audiences.

6 Speak to the Majority


We believe the best way forward is often to speak to “the middle” of an audience rather than the extremes of the ideological spectrum. The vast majority of people do not consider themselves to be on the extreme left or right, and so it is important that messages resonate with everyday working people. We vigilantly avoid the pitfalls of jargon, lingo and insider terms that laypeople may not understand or care about.

7 Maintain Message Discipline


We maintain message discipline, control the discourse and do not allow the opposition to define our agenda. On the contrary, we strive to put the opposition on the defensive and make them respond to our agenda.

8 Modify As Needed


As every campaign progresses, we analyze press coverage, online comments, social media activity, polling results and other feedback to determine if any strategic modifications need to be made.

9 Promote Every Victory


Finally, once a victory is achieved we promote awareness of this accomplishment to all audiences in order to enhance our client organization’s reputation and brand, as well as build toward their future successes.


Our clients are some of the largest advocacy and progressive organizations in America. We have a long track record of helping our clients achieve their strategic goals of promoting clean energy, good jobs, civil rights, quality healthcare and a better world. We have worked with clients and campaigns throughout the country, including in Washington, D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington State, Nevada, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas and Michigan.

Map of U.S. highlighting Hailstone Communications clients

We’re proud and honored to have partnered with clients such as:

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Our Team


Hailstone Communications PR firm President & Founder Dave Bates


President & Founder


Dave Bates is a national leader in creating the most effective and powerful communications strategies to win social change. With over 25 years of experience running communications and grassroots campaigns, Dave is a deeply passionate and driven advocate for clean energy, good jobs, quality healthcare and a better world. 


He has led teams of up to two dozen staff members, and has extensive skills in all aspects of strategic communications, campaign planning, mass mobilizations and political organizing. During his career, Dave founded and built the communications departments for the two largest healthcare unions in the country from the ground up. As the first communications director for 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, with 450,000 members, he helped lead scores of successful efforts, including organizing thousands of participants for Climate Marches; the campaign for New York's $15 minimum wage; the election of multiple candidates to local, state and national office, such as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio; and a contract victory that protected medical benefits for over 120,000 healthcare workers.


In his role as president and founder of Hailstone, Dave has helped win hundreds of campaigns for major organizations throughout the country, including a "Hero Bonus" for 85,000 healthcare workers and a $16 minimum wage for 13,000 home care workers in Nevada. 


He holds a master’s degree in multimedia from Hunter College in New York City and a bachelor’s in film and video studies from Bard College.


Senior Account Executive


Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs has more than two decades of experience as a communications professional with a background in journalism, education and labor. She is proud to use her writing, editing, messaging and graphic design skills to support the work of progressive causes that ensure good jobs, quality public schools, and strong communities. 


Before moving into public relations, she was an award-winning newspaper reporter and columnist, covering nonprofits, education and criminal justice. She was also a journalism teacher. 


Carrie was a leading member of the team that handled media and member communications during the Oklahoma teacher walkout of 2018. It was the most successful #RedForEd walkout in the nation, winning historic pay raises for teachers and tens of millions in additional public education funding.

She is a former member of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education and earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Arkansas.

Hailstone Communications PR firm, Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs
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